Tree Poets Charitable NFTs

Tree Poets NFT is your utility to solve any problem in the world to feature poetry and for play to earn rewards. iOS and Android apps provide collectible creation and Shopify provides gateway to market NFTs for 100% tax deductible donations so then the created NFT collectibles are gifted for free to those that make donations. Secure IP rights to poetic verses or donate them to fund charities and solve problems. Passively earn, play to earn and reinvent the ancient Japanese tradition of collaborative poetry to create “The Book of Leaves” as sought by Leonardo da Vinci to solve all problems in the world by sharing your ideas as branches on trees to be revised and arranged into constantly evolving poetic versions. Genesis tokens provides discount benefits and all 4 genesis give you Life Time airdrops. Start earning %POETTREE by holding a Tree Poet and creating charitable collectibles using in-app collectible designer. 

Official Mint Page

Official Opensea

TREE POETS - 8784 Charitable NFTs

Presale at .08 ETH until 20% sold and then .1 ETH

Join world’s most charity focused NFT community 

Create NFTs as free gifts for tax deductible donations 

Earn $POETTREE reward for securing donations 


Choose if to donate copyright ownership to successfully request larger donations and earn more rewards

All donations verified through Shopify and includes receipt so donations can be claimed on taxes

No poetry skill is required - combine someone else’s public poetry with your own picture

Request donation to any charity or nonprofit so person who makes donation receives your NFT creation as free gift

Collect IP rights like art and secure copyright transfers before others.


Game Mechanics

  1. Download app and choose public poetry 
  2. Use in-app NFT creator to combine personal photo
  3. Submit NFT design and donation request desired 
  4. Choose if to transfer copyright ownership with NFT
  5. View NFTs offered as free gifts for donations on Shopify site
  6. Wait for successful donations to earn $POETTREE
  7. Use $POETTREE to upgrade or purchase NFTs
  8. Additional Web3 play to earn games in the works


Types of IP to be transferred with NFT

  1. Poetry that is minimum 30% different from any previous poetry
  2. Any type of original artistic digital media displayed with NFT ie… image, audio or video
  3. Any section of poetry that’s min 30% different ie… verse, line or phrase



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