Tree Poetry is collaborative poetry reinvented for the digital age from when it was first widely practiced in ancient times of Japan for everyone in the country to contribute in creating very lengthy haiku poems. The completion would take many years and there would be just one version of the best contributions. Now in the digital age, many word choice tools are included and the ability to facilitate many versions allows everyone to be included. Since everyone is included in sharing their feelings, this is a new form of communication. Another capability made available of being in the digital age is WEB3 metadata used as variables in legal transactions so automations are always correct.

The poetry is structured as a tree so the verses are added as branches that can be arranged into different versions of poetry and so is called Tree Poetry. Later in history in China, there was a legendary book of many different names but to some it became known as the Book of Leaves. It kept all the secrets of how things functioned and of inventions not yet created. There were many different versions of the book as people added to copies of it in different places. Eventually all the books were to be claimed as a national treasure and formed into a single book but anyone who shared the secrets would be considered a spy and perhaps even executed. The book was rumored to be able to solve any problem in the world and secretly found its way to Leonardo da Vinci but it wasn’t possible to solve all problems in the world. Now since Tree Poetry is focused to solve world problems, the collaborative poetry is being formed into a new edition of the Book of Leaves from content created within multiplayer word games as a Nobel Peace Prize.