Poetry is created with The Poet Tree Poetry App by using a tree branch structure to organize and revise verses. Poets may collaborate in many ways or just create poetry on their own. As verses are created and added as branches, the syllable count is shown to the left of each line and the line is color coded so all lines that rhyme are the same color. These numbers and colors display patterns of syllable counts and rhymes in the poetry and are used to calculate % Match of patterns. Additional tools include rhyme and synonym word swap to quickly exchange similar words, Rhymetionary to add unknown words and many communication methods to help form poetry. Trees are moderated by Poet 1, the tree planter, by changing leaf color of the branches and cutting out what’s not wanted. As poetry forms and changes, it can be archived as a favorite tree so the verses, timestamps and all other data are saved. In the sections below, find a description of each Screen and “button”.

Forest Screen:

On the Forest Screen, trees are displayed as rows and added using “Plant Tree” or accepting/requesting an invite to another’s tree with the “Game” button at lower right. “Plant Tree” requires a seed so you then name the tree, add branches and invite poets. Each tree row has 3 sections. Selecting the tree name area at the top section of a row displays the poetry on the Tree Screen, selecting the right section of the row displays the Poet Stats Screen and selecting the bottom section of a row allows adding comments and new words on the Word Works Screen. Each poet is assigned a random color and each section of a tree row is colored to match the poet who planted the tree in the top section, poet who added/edited branch with newest timestamp in the right section and poet who added most recent comment in the bottom section. At bottom of the Forest Screen, “Star” displays favorite trees, “Plant Tree” begins new tree and the “Game” button displays tree invitations and requests. To leave a tree, swipe left on the row to “Cut” the tree and if you are the last poet in the tree then you will receive 1 seed. If you leave or are removed from the tree, then you must join again to regain control of your branches. The number of “Seeds” are displayed at top and navigates you to the Seed Store Screen to purchase seeds used for planting trees, inviting poets and requesting to join trees. Roots score is an activity score used to rank poets at the top of the Invitation Screen and is equal to number of seeds purchased plus number of poets joining trees that you’ve joined.

Tree Screen:

Selecting the top section of a tree row on the Forest Screen displays the Tree Screen with the 1st verse as branch 1 of the poetry and followed by the sequential branches. There can be many branches for each branch number but only 1 branch of each branch number is displayed at a time. The purpose of this screen is to arrange verses by adding, editing, deleting and moving branches so the poetry is displayed, saved and shared. Each branch is highlighted with a tap to display details and perform actions on the branch. “Right Arrow +” at bottom right adds a new branch that is the same branch number of the highlighted branch. “Left Arrow” at bottom left is only seen when a branch is highlighted and there is an undisplayed branch of the same branch number. The number displayed within “Left Arrow” is the number of undisplayed branches and tapping “Left Arrow” switches the displayed branch. If the highlighted branch has displayed branches below then “Down Arrow - ” at bottom center removes the branches below from being displayed so the poetry you then share or save will not contain the hidden branch numbers. If there are no branches displayed below the highlighted branch, then “Down Arrow” will either display “#” to display the undisplayed branch numbers or “+” to add a new branch of the next branch number. When no branches are highlighted, the Average % Match of the displayed branches is at top with “Share” to the right. When a branch is highlighted, the top section displays the Average Branch % Match, Timestamp and Action Buttons - “Leaf”, “Edit”, “Move”, “Emoji” and “Delete”. If the “Leaf” button is green or yellow, then the branch is preferred and initially displayed. Only 1 branch for each branch number can be green or yellow so any additional undisplayed branches of the same branch number are brown. The “Leaf” can only be changed yellow by Poet 1 and other poets can only change a brown leaf to be green if there’s no yellow leaf on the same branch number. The "Emoji" button allows each poet to anonymously tag 1 emoji to be shown when a branch is highlighted. Only Poet 1 can perform all the actions with all the branches as other poets are only able to edit, move and delete the branches that each added. “Share” at top right when no branches are highlighted allows the displayed branches to be shared. “View” at bottom right displays Stats View and allows additional stats to be shared with the poetry instead of only the title and verses. “Star” at bottom left allows you to save the displayed branches to the Favorite Tree Forest Screen. "Invite" at top right takes you to the Invite Screen so new poets can be invited to the tree.

The % Match for a branch is calculated by comparing rhyme patterns and syllable counts from the respective lines of 2 branches with each branch compared to every other branch and assigned the highest % Match but only using the 1st 8 lines in each branch. If there are no repeating rhymes in either compared branches, then the compared lines need same rhyme rather than same rhyme pattern to match and when syllable count difference is 1 then half match credit is given. Once % Match is calculated for each branch, % Match Average is calculated for the Poetry.

Branch Screen:

The Branch Screen is accessed using “Down Arrow +”, “Right Arrow +” or “Edit” from the Tree Screen to add/edit branch text. As text is entered, the number of syllables of each line is displayed to the left and the line color changes so all lines that rhyme are same color. The “View” at top right is a quick view to see the branch you're editing with the other branches that form the poetry. While adding text you can highlight and “Select” or double tap a word to display all rhymes and synonyms so then you can double tap a rhyme or synonym to switch the word. Once the text is completed, use “Cancel” or “Save” at top to omit or save the branch text.

Move Screen:

The “Move” button displayed as “up and down arrows” at top of the Tree Screen, displays the Move Screen so a branch can be moved up or down the tree by changing the branch number. The current branch number is shown at top and the new branch number is shown at bottom between the “Left Arrow” and “Right Arrow”. The arrows change the branch number so then you may “Move” the branch or click “Back” to cancel.

Poet Stats Screen:

The right section of tree rows on the Forest Screen takes you to the Poet Stats Screen. Each poet of the tree is listed in order of joining the tree and the Average % Match and % Poetry of the green and yellow branches. % Match is the Average % Match of each poet and % Poetry is the percentage of lines that each poet contributes. When a poet leaves or is “Cut” from a tree, the poet is moved to the bottom of the list and their icon turns upside down. Their stats and branches remain and Poet 1 may move others’ branches but if Poet 1 edits another’s branch then ownership is changed. Poet 1 can “Cut” poets from the tree by sliding left on the poet name. The removed poet may join the tree again to regain control of their previous branches and stats. “Invite Poet” at bottom of the screen allows you to invite a poet to the tree at the cost of 1 seed. Poet 1 controls everything in the tree and Poet 2 becomes Poet 1 if Poet 1 cuts the tree on the Forest Screen.

Invite Screen:

“Invite Poet” from the Poet Stats Screen or at top right of the Tree Screen allows inviting poets to a tree. There are 2 tabs, “Poets” and “Friends”, that display poets to invite. “Poets” displays all poets and “Friends” displays poets from previous trees. Poets are listed in order with most recently active at top and each Poet's Roots score at the right. The Roots score ranks a poet’s activity and is equal to the number of poets that joins your trees plus number of seeds purchased. Selecting a poet on the Invite Screen sends an invitation to join the tree and uses 1 seed but if the invitation is “Cut” or is not accepted within 1 week then the seed is refunded. This way there’s no worry from wasting seeds by inviting inactive poets.

Word Works Screen:

The rows of trees on the Forest Screen each have a "Word Works” section at the bottom of the row that displays most recent comment and takes you to the Word Works Screen. The left tab, “Title/Chat”, allows Poet 1 to change the Tree Name and all poets to communicate with one another by adding chirps. At top of the left tab screen, notifications for the tree can be switched on/off with the sun/moon. The right tab, “Rhymetionary”, allows addition of words to the tree that are not in the default dictionary so the syllable count and rhyme comparison values for the word can be correct and allows 2 words already in dictionary to rhyme together so all the words that rhyme with either word will rhyme together.  Once a Rhymetionary association is created, the two words are listed on the left with the synonyms of new word on the right. To remove the association, you can slide to “Cut” the association. To add a word not in the dictionary, you add the unknown word to 1st Field, add a known word that rhymes to 2nd Field, add the syllable count to 3rd Field, optionally add synonyms separated by commas to 4th Field and then “Save”. To make two words that already exists in dictionary to rhyme you add either word to 1st Field, add the other word to 2nd Field and then “Save”. All unknown words rhyme with no other words and have a syllable count of 1 until they become defined using Rhymetionary.

Favorite Tree Forest Screen:

The “Star” button at lower left of the Forest Screen takes you to the Favorite Forest Screen to view saved poetry. The saved poetry is displayed as tree rows with the color of the Poet Tree icon being the color of Poet 1 and the color of the tree row being color of poet having the highest average score. Once poetry is saved, the favorite tree is never changed so if you change poetry from the Branch Screen then you must save the poetry again as a new favorite tree to save the new text. Slide left on the tree row to “Cut” the tree and use “Sort” button at top right to cycle the order of favorite trees from newest and oldest at top. 

Favorite Tree Screen:

The Favorite Tree Screen is accessed by selecting a tree row on the Favorite Tree Forest Screen and displays the poetry saved as a favorite tree. The Poetry with Title and TreeID can be shared using the “Share” at top right but all stats can additionally be displayed and shared using “View” at lower right.

Invitation Screen:

At lower right of the Forest Screen, the # of invitations to others’ trees and requests to your trees is displayed over the game icon and displays the Invitation Screen. Each invitation and request is listed with the name of the tree and the poet who sent the invitation. Invitations/requests have 7 days to be accepted before they expire and the seed is refunded. At the bottom of the invitation screen, there is “Join Tree” button so you can insert a TreeID to request joining another’s tree at the cost of 1 seed and if you are not accepted within 1 week, then the request expires and the seed is refunded. The TreeID is displayed following the poetry when it’s shared.

Seed Store Screen:

The Seed Store is accessed with “Seeds” at the top of the Forest Screen and when you try to plant a tree, send an invitation or request invitation but do not have a seed.

Instructions Screen:

The Instructions Screen is accessed with “i” at top left of the Forest Screen to display these instructions. Site:

Website is accessed using world wide web button at upper right of Forest Screen and at bottom of Seed Store Screen. Sign up for the newsletter to learn how your tree can be featured and benefit your favorite charity.