Book of Leaves Poetry Collaborations to Solve World Problems

Book of Leaves Poetry Collaborations to Solve World Problems

The mission of Poet Tree Poetry is to solve world problems through collaborative and constructive poetry and all you need to do is start a topic so others can connect.

 Help reinvent the ancient Japanese tradition of collaborative poetry to bring forth the mythical Book of Leaves - as sought by Leonardo da Vinci - to solve all the world’s problems. The key is collaboration because if the right people work together then any problem can be solved and poetry requires more thought so the ideas are better. Put these together into an app that’s a game for everyone in the world to play and then any problem can be solved. Rules from the Japanese Renga style of poetry need to be followed so a topic is presented at the beginning and then others add verses of the same topic and pattern while a moderator enforces other rules. Traditional Renga consists of verses with repeating sound counts of 5-7-5 and 7-7 but this is not necessary since poetry can have any syllable count and rhyme patterns. The app is designed as pages of leaves with verses as branches that form trees of different versions of poetry by arranging the branches. An ideal arrangement would be to state the problem, explore causes, present viewpoints of different solutions and then conclude with agreements of solutions for possible scenarios. All that is needed is for people to express their feelings about a topic while being respective so then the words can be revised and arranged until it sounds good. The poetic trees will live forever so others will always be able to suggest verse revisions as viewpoints, problems and solutions change.

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